1-Minute Changes w/ Minor Chords

I’m finally beginning to learn more chords! This past week, I started practicing Am, Dm, & Em. Little by little it’s coming together. The fingering on these minor chords is much easier to get after initially learning A, D, & E. The only chord that’s a little tricky is Dm because it’s a new finger formation to learn, but I’m slowly getting it.

As I watch this video, I have no idea why I keep looking back at my strumming hand. I guess I’m focusing on strumming more evenly, but I wish my focus was on the chord formations.¬†Hopefully, over the next week, my chord changes will begin to speed up, and I can start to add a few more songs into my practice routine.

If anyone out there has any tips, tricks, or hints, I’m always open to constructive feedback.


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