Bullet Journal Better Than Smartphone


I started using a Bullet Journal about a year ago, and it’s helping me stay focused and get things done. I highly recommend this system to anyone who needs to keep a to-do list, and their swanky smartphone doesn’t do the job.

A Bullet Journal works better than a smartphone because it’s analog and not as distracting. When I open my phone, I’m quickly distracted by an app notification, or an email, or text message. It seems something always commands my attention before I can jot down my idea. The Bullet Journal solves this problem for me and helps me stay on point.

Keeping a Bullet Journal is simple. At the beginning of each month, write out a vertical calendar with the days numbered. On the facing page, write your goals for that month. On the next pages, write the day’s date and a list of things you need to accomplish that day. Check them off as you do them. Simple, right?

Some entries might be to-do’s and other entries could vary. Creative folks on the interwebs have come up with some visual iconography to help show the various types of entries. Do a Google search for “Bullet Journal Keys” to get some ideas.

If I don’t finish a task one day, I migrate it to my next daily entry list and use an icon in the margin to visually show it. The act of writing down the task, again and again, helps me find the time to finally get it done.

I do this with my morning coffee almost every day before I leave for work. The journal is always with me in my bag or on my desk, and I add things to it throughout the day as I think of something. If I miss a day here or there, it’s no big deal. I can pick it up wherever I left off. It’s great, and I have a history of everything I’ve gotten done.

Do you have a better system? Please let me know. I’m curious how I can be more productive and get things done.

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