Easy Way to Organize Student’s Presentations & Essays

Do your students give presentations or write essays that are scattered? Do they jump from one idea to another? Do they talk around and around a subject, only to get to the main idea at the end?

I created this simple Outline Template to help students better organize their ideas. It is color coded to help students visualize the grouping and breakdown of their ideas.

Outline TemplateThe dark boxes on the left are for students’ main ideas. The middle gray boxes are the explanations of those ideas. The white boxes on the right are for examples. These boxes are easily adapted to fit PIE (Point, Information, Example).

My Outline Template is a simplified version of Cliff Atkinson’s ideas from Beyond Bullet Points. If you want to read more into the science of why & how this works, I highly recommend checking out his book.

Please let me know if you use this with your students. Leave a comment below.


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