French Class 002

I took my second French class last week. This is my reflection on the class and a few of the key points we covered. My pronunciation practice is at the bottom. Please let me know how I’m doing!


This was straight forward. I just need to remember the linking with j’habite and vous habitez.


Once we started looking at the full conjugation, it got a little trickier. Basically, I just need to remember that vous and the plurals (nous, ils, and elles) all link with a z sound. Also, the endings all sound the same except for the nous & vous forms.


Next, we conjugated another ~er verb with parler. The endings are simple to remember, and they all sound the same, except for the nous and vous forms.


Finally, we congugated and practiced the verb être. This was our first irregular verb. I’ve seen this one enough now that I think I have a decent grasp of it. The aspect I need to remember is the linking involved with the nous and vous forms.


Can you speak French? Please let me know how my pronunication is coming along.

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