How to Make Peach Infused Whiskey

Infusing whiskey with peaches is easy and delicious. It’s my hope that sharing this recipe, will prompt others to start experimenting and creating various tasty concoctions.

Materials needed:

  • 1 large bottle of whiskey. (I recommend getting something high-proof, like Wild Turkey 101.)
  • 4 peaches
  • 3 wide mouth mason jars
  • 1 large wide mouth cup
  • 1 funnel
  • coffee filter (optional)
  • cheese cloth


Step 1: Clean & slice the pieces


Rinse the peaches. Slicing them into bite size pieces works really well. You can discard the pits.


Step 2: Freeze the peaches slices (optional)


Freezing the fruit overnight helps break down the cellular membranes, and it helps with the sugar transfer. It also expedites the process, but this is an optional step. It will work fine without freezing.


Step 3: Pour whiskey evenly into the mason jars



Step 4: Add peaches to the mason jars


Add the peaches so the whiskey level in each mason jar is roughly the same. The more peaches you add, the sweeter the final product will be.


Step 5: Cap the jars & place out of direct sunlight

Putting the jars in a cabinet is a good idea.


Step 6: Wait at least 4 days

Waiting a full week is preferred, but you can get by with 4 days. Shaking the jars to stir and agitate the contents once or twice a day will help move the process along.


Step 7: Filter the whiskey


Use the cheesecloth to filter the peach pulp. It’s recommended to use the cheese cloth as a first layer filter and a coffee filter as a second layer. Placing the cheesecloth over the coffee filter and capturing the filtered whiskey in the large wide mouth cup works great.

You will probably need to empty the peach pulp from the cheesecloth (and rinse coffee filter) a couple of times during this process.


Step 8: Transfer filtered whiskey back into a bottle.


Use the funnel to transfer the newly flavored & filtered whiskey back into its original bottle or in something more stylized.


Step 9: Enjoy!


This Peach Infused Whiskey is great for shots, drinking over ice, or mixing with cocktails. It tastes sweet going down, and then you will feel the burn in your chest, so you know it’s real.


Step 10: Share with Friends!

Share your concoction with friends. Teach them how you did it, so they can make their own recipes. It’s better with friends!

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