Usability Test

Building Your Own Bride: How to Recognize Facial Expressions

Articulate Storyline



  1. Is the information presented in a logical & understandable way?
    Yes, there is no required order for the various facial expressions, so they could be put in any order in the circle. Did you place them in that order for any particular reason?

  2. How could the organization be improved?
    No suggestions for the organization, but can you title the last slide as your Summary slide? It currently says “Untitled Slide”. I would also recommend a bit more of a summary of the learning objective.

  3. Is the content about the facial expressions sufficient?
    Yes! I thought each facial expression was adequately supported with clear audio.

  4. Is the navigation clear & easy to follow?
    It wasn’t very clear which button to click on the “home” page as CONTINUE and the right arrow would not actually push me to the next page. I manually clicked “Course Objective” instead. From there, the CONTINUE button worked. Maybe a glitch in the system? The Menu was a bit confusing with all of the “Drag and Drop” lines. Is there a way to collect them all or hide them from the viewer?

  5. Is the assessment activity sufficient?
    Yes, it quizzes you one each facial expression. Some of them looked like they would be acceptable for multiple answers, but I understand the purpose of the assessment!

  6. How would you improve the feedback of the assessment activity?
    The feedback was simple and straightforward. If you are going with more of a casual feel to the RLO than “awesome” is a great choice.

  7. Was the audio helpful & beneficial?
    Yes, it was very clear to understand and at an acceptable volume level.

  8. Any other thoughts, ideas, questions, or concerns you want to share?
    No, a great draft of your RLO.
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