Sample Activities

Activities are a key component to the Building Your Own Bridge seminar. They will help learners practice meeting the objectives, and they will assess how successful learners are with the content. It’s important to have a variety of activities that will appeal to different learning styles and capabilities.

Below are a few examples of the types of activities learners will use during the Building Your Own Bridge seminar. The activities were chosen for their universal appeal and ability to transfer onto elementary school students.

Objective: Learners will identify emotions in themselves and others

Learners will receive the following handout. They will be instructed to fill in the grid with various emotions. It’s recommended that the instructor can begin by calling out a few emotions, and eventually, the learners can choose emotions they want to draw.

A 5x5 grid displaying examples of simple drawings, like a smiley face & a sad face.

Next, learners will be introduced to an Emotion Chart. There are various styles of emotion charts, so it’s recommended to choose a style that best fits the learners. For example, more mature learners may want a chart that suits their age, while younger learners may need a chart that is more graphical in nature.

An fairly complex Emotion Chart depicted by a circle with different colored pie pieces labeled with various emotionsA 4x4 grid depicting several cartoon children displaying emotions, like angry, sad, surprised, etc.


In pairs, learners can take turns calling out emotions while their partner points to the corresponding area on the emotion chart.


Finally, the learners will be expected to construct a short story that expresses at least three emotions using “I” language. They will be given several minutes to construct their stories. Then, they will deliver the stories in front of the whole class or in small groups.

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