Trends & Issues in Instructional Design


EDUC 765, Trends & Issues in Instructional Design, began my Graduate Certificate program. The course included overviews and background information on the entire instructional design process. The primary output of the course was a complete Course Design Document.

Use the links below to view parts of the work completed for this course:


The information below is an overview of the educational course designed throughout EDUC 765.


Project Overview

Currently, in Gainesville GA and Hall County public elementary schools, young students are exhibiting signs of depression, stress, anxiety, and they are acting out in their classrooms. These students need help to learn coping skills for stress and anxiety, how to manage relationships with classmates, and how to resolve conflicts.

The Life Management Project from Center Point aims to make a more positive classroom environment that will help teachers and students focus on their classroom instruction and learning. By working with K~3 teachers in Gainesville & Hall County schools, Center Point will offer a 3-hour interactive training seminar in August 2019. This training session will cover four main area.

  1. Reflective techniques to help with self-regulation and emotional identification
  2. Listening techniques to validate complex feelings
  3. Verbal techniques to send clear messages to others
  4. Body language & emotional identification techniques to gauge emotional levels in yourself and others
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