Enabling Objectives Matrix

Title of Seminar: Building Your Own Bridge

Target Audience: The target audience is K-3 elementary school teachers in Gainesville GA and Hall County.

Terminal Objective: Teachers will use reflective techniques to correctly identify emotions in themselves and others.

Pre-Instructional Strategy: Pretest



Enabling ObjectiveLevel on Bloom’s TaxonomyLearner Activity
(What would learners do to master this objective?)
Delivery Method
(Group presentation/lecture, self-paced, or small group)
Be able to write a reflective paragraph that states ones emotionsAnalyzing Successfully write a paragraph that states at least one emotion or feeling. Self-paced
Be able to use “I” language that expresses feelings and emotionsApplyingSuccessfully verbalize a short story to a small group that expresses at least one emotion or feeling using “I” language. For example, “I feel …”Small group
Be able to use an emotion chart to identify (point to) emotions in oneself and othersEvaluatingBased on a self-assessment, able to correctly identify and label at least one feeling or emotion.Self-paced
Be able to rank the intensity of feelings & emotions on a scale of 1~10AnalyzingBased on a self-assessment, be able to rank the intensity of a feeling/emotion on a scale of 1~10Self-paced
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