Learning Guitar: 1-Minute Changes w/ Problem Chords

Nothing like airing some dirty laundry! This is a video of me drilling chord changes with a few chords that have been giving me a hard time.

The idea here is to change chords as many times as possible in the span of a minute. The chords shouldn’t be total rubbish, but the aim is to speed up the fingers and build muscle memory while worrying about accuracy later.

I have discovered a small tweak that’s helping me speed my changes along. I’ve started changing the order I place my fingers on the strings. The goal is to have all fingers land at roughly the same time. As I practice, it’s easy to fall into a routine of placing one finger and then other fingers. If I deliberately alternate the order I put my fingers on the strings, I’m finding that it helps me get to the point where all fingers land at the same time.

Just gonna have to keep chipping away…

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