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Top Record Store Day 2017 Picks

I love Record Store Day. I spend weeks getting ready. I comb over the RSD List with a highlighter. I make notes and search for music samples online. I thin out my vinyl collection to make room and sell records on eBay to free up some purchasing funds. I watch the Bull Moose RSD Preview video to get an idea of what the packages and vinyl will look like. I wake up early and go get in line. I make friends with other music geeks, and we talk about music while the sun is coming up. We compare shopping lists.…

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My Record Store Day ’16 Picks

Record Store Day is almost upon us again! My wife might tell you that every day is Record Store Day for me, but honestly, this is like Santa Claus coming in April, and I just can’t help myself. Similar to past years, I will probably wake up way too early and spend way too much money, but such is the life of a music junkie. As RSD continues to gain in popularity, and the number of releases increases, with several record labels hoping to cash in on anything and everything they can, it’s becoming harder to separate the wheat from…

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