The Collector by Sergio Toppi

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The Collector by Italian artist Sergio Toppi is a collection of five graphic stories about a mysterious colonial character that’s a cross between Indiana Jones and Clint Eastwood. While the stories are relatively simple and fun, the pull of this book for me was the artwork.

To quote from the foreword by Sean Gordon Murphy, “Never did hard drugs, but I imagine if I did then everything around me would look like a Toppi drawing: thousands of oscillating doodles swirling around like an acid trip in India ink. It’s the kind of art that makes you try to hold your head still in an attempt to stop the movement. But it doesn’t work, because Toppi lines don’t stand still.”

If you’re looking for an obscure graphic novel to grace your shelves that you can revisit time and time again, pick up a copy of this masterful work.

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