Tingsha Cymbals

I bought these “Om Nama Shiva” Tingsha Cymbals to use in my classroom, and I love them. I first read about them on the Cool Tools site and wanted to try them out.

As an English language teacher, I often break my class into pairs and/or small groups for students to discuss various topics. When I am ready for students to come back together as a class, I need a way to get their attention. Enter these tingsha cymbals.
When struck together, they produce a long sustained high-pitched chime that calmly brings everyone to attention. Once, a student even whispered the word, “peace,” after hearing the chime.

These cymbals may have been designed for meditative purposes, but they are small enough to fit into any teacher’s bag. They are heavier than I expected, but they are still easy to carry around, and they work great in the classroom.

Check them out on Amazon. $12

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