Top Record Store Day 2017 Picks

I love Record Store Day.

I spend weeks getting ready. I comb over the RSD List with a highlighter. I make notes and search for music samples online. I thin out my vinyl collection to make room and sell records on eBay to free up some purchasing funds. I watch the Bull Moose RSD Preview video to get an idea of what the packages and vinyl will look like.

I wake up early and go get in line. I make friends with other music geeks, and we talk about music while the sun is coming up. We compare shopping lists. Everyone is after different albums, and it’s fascinating to hear the diversity of other people’s taste.

As the record store is about to open, an anxious wave runs through the line. How quickly will I get in? How much stock did the store receive? Do I need a strategy to quickly maneuver the store to find what I want? Texts start coming in from friends in other regions about their successes and misfortunes. Will I be so lucky?

Unfortunately, I will not be partaking in this annual ritual. I inadvertently made other commitments that I cannot get out of.  While I’m bummed to miss the excitement, I’m lucky to have a friend volunteer to shop for me.

This is the wish list I sent to my friend. I’m putting my trust in him. Fingers crossed he scores for me.


Link Wray- Beans and Fatback

(Tidal Waves Music) (Discogs)

I’m a big fan of Link Wray’s self-titled album from 1971. It’s been in heavy rotation for me along with his 1973 release Be What You Want To, which has Jerry Garcia playing laptop steel guitar all over it. Beans and Fatback will round out my “Shack Trilogy.” While it’s less polished, it sounds like good ol’ boys getting down in the backyard having a hootenanny.


Flower Travellin’ Band- Anywhere

(Phoenix Records) (Discogs)

This is the début album from a Japanese band from the early 70s playing covers inspired by American blues rock. I lived in Japan for several years in the early 2000s and got into the Japanese music scene. During that time, I never heard mention of the Flower Travellin’ Band. I discovered their album Satori a couple of years ago. What can I say? This is right in my wheelhouse.



V/A- Function Underground: The Black & Brown American Rock Sound

(Now Again)

I don’t know much about this album. My understanding is that it’s a collection of under-the-radar African-American rock bands from the 70s. There’s something about it that sets my spidey sense off and tells me it’s gonna be really good. I hope I’m right. I like the single I’ve heard from it.



V/A- Psychic Migrations OST

(Light In The Attic) (Volcom)

This is another album that I don’t know much about, but the things that I do know are very appealing. Thee Oh Sees, White Fence, Wand, & the Bitchin Bajas all appear on the soundtrack to a surf odyssey film. Bring on the fuzz.



Count Five- Psychotic Reaction

(Concord Bicycle) (Discogs)

I’m a fan of 60s garage rock. I recently discovered this album and heard it was being released for RSD in mono. I’ve had success with previous Record Store Days purchases like this with July and The Remains. If this mono recording comes close to those, I’ll be happy.



If I have any money left in my budget, I’d pick up these releases if I see them.


Are you going shopping for Record Store Day? What’s on your list? What am I missing? Since I can’t geek out in line this year, I would love to take the music discussion online. Lemme hear from you.

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