Review Art Vocabulary with LP Covers

I used LP covers to review art vocabulary with my students, and it worked really well!

First, I activated their schema by putting different categories of art vocabulary on the white board. I used categories such as Line, Composition, Color, and Shapes. I gave them a few minutes with a partner to brainstorm as many words as they could think of. Then as a whole class, I elicited words for each category and wrote them under the correct heading.

For example, under Line, they called out straight, diagonal, wavy, zigzagged, and so on. Under Composition, they called out foreground, background, mid ground, top, bottom, etc..

I then began to place LP covers around the classroom. I asked them to please choose a cover they thought was interesting and wanted to describe. I instructed them to use as many art vocabulary words as they could.

The Talking Heads- Speaking in TonguesThe Rolling Stones- Sticky FingersTraffic- The Low Spark of High Heeled BoysFrank Zappa- Hot RatsThe Band- Music From Big Pink Led Zeppelin- III AC/DC- Dirty Deeds Steppenwolf- The Second

I gave them a few minutes to inspect their chosen cover. Then with their partner, take turns describing it. I circulated to help where needed and listened in. Finally, as a whole class, students volunteered to describe their cover to everyone.

This activity was great because it allowed me to share my love of music with the class. Also, several of my international students acted like they had never seen an LP cover before. Plus, it served as a springboard to introduce aspects of Western culture into our class.

I recommend trying this simple activity with your students. You’ll see their eyes light up. I promise.

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